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Mega Value AAA Rechargeble Batteries

AAA Rechargeble Batteries Stay charged with AA Rechargeable Batteries. Perfect for powering small appliances and personal media, one charge can provide up to 45 hours power in a small device, like a tv remote. *Results may vary by device. > Batteries > AAA > Rechargeable > High quality > Up to 40 hours on one...View more

Wilko Tv/FM Coax Socket 2pk

2 pack, TV/FM coaxial socket Always read instructions.View more

Wilko Tv/FM Coax Plugs 2pk

These metal coax plugs are perfect for making up or replacing damaged coaxial leads to your TV or FM aerial connection. Always read instructions.View more

Wilko TV/FM Coax Connecting Kit

This connecting kit is perfect for all your coax cable needs! The kit includes two coax plugs and one coax coupler. Purchase this kit to extend, join and terminate coax cables. Always read instructions.View more

Wilko Surface Mount Coax Outlet Tv/FM

This surface mounted TV/FM outlet is perfect for your TV or radio aerial feeds. The single coaxial outlet comes in a moulded white housing.View more

Wilko Coaxial Y Splitter

Split your aerial feed to two TVs with this coax plug to 2 coax sockets adaptor. This Y shaped adaptor can be used to split or combine FM radio signals. Alternatively, combine two TV aerials into one lead or use the aerial splitter to split one lead to two outlets.NB – a signal booster may...View more

Wilko Coax Cable 1m

Connect your TV or set top box to an aerial outlet with this 1m Coax cable. The digital read cable is ideal for improving picture quality. Always read instructions.View more

Wilko Angled Coax Connector

This right angled coax connector is perfect for connecting your TV aerial feed in limited places. The compact right angle makes it perfect for a wall mounted TV.View more

Essentials C1AER14 Aerial Cable – 1 m

Connect your TV and antenna with the secure Essentials C1AER14 Aerial Cable . The nickel-plated connectors provide a reliable connection between TV, set-top box and aerial. It also has 2-layer shielding to prevent signal interference. Simple, effective and affordable, the Essentials C1AER14 Aerial Cable is a cable you can count on.View more

GOJI GPCMGY17 Pyramid Cable Management

Keep your cables neat and tidy with Goji GPCMGY17 Pyramid Cable Management. It’s designed to help ensure your wires are where you need them, and easily accessible at any time.The Pyramid holds cables up to 6 mm in diameter, and has a reusable adhesive pad that sticks to flat surfaces. Multiple entrance points makes it...View more

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