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Tumble Dryer Sheets 40Pk

New Fabric Magic Tumble Dryer Sheets are the quick and easy way to condition and freshen your laundry whilst it dries. Simply place a sheet into your tumble dryer along with your washing and dry as normal. Explore more of our range, we have a huge variety of products in stock. Have a query or...View more

Indesit C00093809

The Indesit C00093809 Deo Dry is ideal for any washing machine or tumble dryer. Simply place it into the appliance with your washing and you’ll be left with a fragrant smell.View more

Wpro Universal Venting Hose – 3 m

The three-metre Wpro Universal Venting Hose helps you get the most from your dryer. The Wpro Universal Venting Hose is suitable for use with all standard sized vented dryers. The hose helps your appliance to operate as it’s meant to, without fear of overheating or contaminating the room. Enjoy more venting freedom with the Wpro...View more

JML Dryer Balls 2pk

The re-useable JML Dryer Balls are the safe natural and easy way to soften fabrics while saving money on fabric softeners! You’ll also save on ironing and energy. They massage heat into all kinds of fabrics, softening them and pushing out creases and wrinkles. Just pop them in the drier and watch as they lift...View more

WPRO ASG310 Universal Tumble Dryer Vent Tube – 3 m

The 3 m WPRO ASG310 Universal Tumble Dryer Vent Tube has a universal connection so it’s suitable for use with almost any tumble dryer.Its 3 m length means that you won’t run short of tubing, and it is quick and easy to install.View more

Ecozone Tumble Drying Cubes, Pack of 2

These ingenious, eco-friendly laundry balls are designed to reduce drying time for tumble dryers and soften and reduce creases, without any fabric softeners. Free of irritating harsh chemicals and excess packaging, not only do they help reduce your energy bill, they’re environmentally friendly too.   Reusable for up to 1000 washes.View more

ECOZONE Tumble Dryer Balls – 2 Pack

Save money and time with these clever Ecozone Tumble Dryer Balls! By using Dryerballs you can reduce drying time by as much as 25% and have soft clothes naturally, without the need for fabric softeners. Non-toxic and allergy-free, the environmentally friendly Ecozone Dryerball also makes ironing easier and reduces lint and static. Don’t dream of...View more

Brabantia 420184 Clothes Peg Bag

Choose the Brabantia 420184 Clothes Peg Bag so that your clothes pegs are always within reach! Made from durable and high quality fabrics including polyester, aluminum and polypropylene, these corrosion-resistant materials are sure to be sturdy and long lasting. Complete with closing string and smart fastener, the 420184 Clothes Peg Bag keeps clothes pegs clean...View more

Brabantia Premium Drawstring Peg Bag

Brabantia’s drawstring peg bag comes with a corrosion resistant metal hanging loop that makes it easy to attach to your rotary dryer, indoor airer or line.   Pegs not included.View more

BRABANTIA 311420 35 mm Soil Spear for Compact Rotary...

The Barbantia 311420 35 mm Soil Spear for Compact Rotary Clothes Dryer is perfect for securing your rotary dryer outside without having to use concrete.The Barbantia 311420 Soil Spear for Compact Rotary Dryer is safe and stable for anchoring in your dryer without using damaging products and materials. The beauty of using a soil spear...View more

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